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Withdrawal right

Customers of Italy and San Marino who made orders after 09/03/2020 can exercise their withdrawal right up to 14 days after the end of measures put in place to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

1. Carrera gives to his customers the guarantee "your money refunded if not completely satisfied". If you are not satisfied with the goods you received, you can send it back. You will be refunded as prescribed by the current Italian legislation. The law (D.Lgs.n° 185/99) prescribes a time limit to exercise this right of 14 days since you received the goods. Exercising this guarantee is simple, just following the procedure below:

  • Send an e-mail to or a fax to +39 045 6150040 within 14 days since you received the goods.

  • The goods must be sent via mail or express courier to the following address:
  • Carrera S.p.A.

    Via Enrico Fermi 11

    37064 Povegliano Veronese (VR)



    • except what specified at point 2, shipping costs for returns have to be paid by the customer.
    • the products sent to us after the prescribed time-limit lacking the mentioned requirements cannot be refunded.

The product must be returned:

  • properly packed in its original package, in perfect conditions (not ruined, damaged or dirty) and along with all the eventual accessories and documentation;

  • along with the Transport Document (present in the original package) in such a way to allow Carrera to identify the customer (order number, name, surname and address).

  • without clear signs of use, except those compatible with a test of the product, i.e. The product should not show signs of a prolonged use (over some minutes) exceeding the time necessary to test it; the product should be in a condition such that it can be sold again.

To exercise your withdrawal right you have to choose one of the following options:

  • Substitution of goods.
  • If you want to replace the purchased goods with some other product, Carrera gives you two alternatives.

    1. Sending back the unwanted product to Carrera S.p.A. agreeing with the customer service on the product to obtain as replacement.

    2. Going to one of the Carrera Stores mentioned at point 4 and replace the unwanted product with another one available in the store. It is important to bring the receipt that was present in the original package.

      1. Warning: the Carrera Store cannot refund money. In case of substitution of the product at the Carrera Store, you must replace with products of the same value of the amount paid, or pay the difference if replacing with products of higher value.
  • Reaccredidation of the money (The refund concerns the price of the product and it will be made within 30 dd since Carrera receives the returned goods. The only cost for the customer is the one related with the return of the goods).

The goods, once arrived at our warehouse, will be examined for eventual damages or alterations not due to the transport.

If the customer took advantage of a promotion valid only over a certain threshold (including free shipping), and if the value of the goods that the customer is not returning is below that threshold, the value of the promotion will be deducted from the reimbursed amount.

If the customer took advantage of a promotion whose activation is conditional on the simultaneous purchase of one or more products (examples: "buy one product and the second one you pay half price", "pay 1 get 2", etc.) and returns one of the products that are part of the promotion, the discount obtained and no more applicable will be deducted from the reimbursed amount. Example: the customer purchases two t-shirts each one costing 20€ using the offer "pay 1 get 2", paying the blue one at full price and getting 100% discount on the red one. If the customer returns the blue one, he/she loses the discount on the red one, and he has no right to any reimbursement.

Reimbursement procedure for purchases made with the use of a shopping card.

  1. If the amount to refund is less than the amount paid by the customer in money, Carrera will refund entirely in money.

  2. If the amount to refund is greater than the amount paid by the customer in money, Carrera will refund in money the amount paid by the customer, and will refund the difference emitting a discount coupon with a duration of 12 months to spend on website.
    Example: suppose that in an order of 70 euro the customer used a shopping card of 50 euro and paid with money the remaining 20 euro. Suppose for example that a refund of 30 euro is due to the customer. Carrera will refund 20 euro in money and will emit a coupon of 10 euro in favor of the customer.

2. Returning of defective goods

In case of defective goods, please send an e-mail to or a fax to +39 045 6150040 within 14 days since you received the goods.

Only in case of defective goods, the cost of shipping for the replacement of the product will be paid by Carrera.

3. Hem service (standard and non standard)

3.1 The charge for hem service is never refundable, whether you return the product to obtain a refund or you request the substitution with another product.

3.2 If you have requested a standard hem: the product can be returned as described at point 1.

3.3 If you have requested a non standard hem: the product cannot be returned, except in the case described at point 2.