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About us / production

How are Carrera jeans manufactured?

From raw materials to your trusted shop

How are Carrera jeans manufactured?

From raw materials to your trusted shop

The cotton

We grow and process our cotton while maintaining the highest qualitative standards with the minimum environmental impact. Our products are monitored from the birth of the cotton to maintain quality over the years.

The spinning

We create the yarn that makes up the true soul of our jeans. A simple yarn encloses years of research and economic development in the textile sector.

The weaving

In the creation of our fabrics we move between tradition and innovation. We choose the texture, the warp, the number and combination of yarns. It's our pleasure and it's what makes our garments unique.

Research and development are the soul of Carrera Jeans

We have been using plants that incur the least environmental impact since we believe in fashion that takes care of the environment.

The manufacturing and washing process

Italian design meets the skilful hands of our dressmakers. In our supply chain in Tajikistan all products used in the finishing and dyeing phase are guaranteed and certified.


We grow cotton, we spin and weave it, and we manufacture it. We do all this to guarantee the best product on the market at a fair price.