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Why in Tajikistan?

An age-old culture of yarn and weaving

Why in Tajikistan?

An age-old culture of yarn and weaving

The cotton road

Ancient wisdom meets technology

Our way of working is well-founded on the principles of collaboration and contamination. We love confronting and growing with our technicians who draw on the antique knowledge of the earth.

How we chose

Our desire was for the shortest and most substainable supply chain possible. That's why we created our production centers in a territory that offers the best conditions for our top-quality cotton.

Our cotton

Tajik cotton is one of the best in terms of strength, perfect for producing Jeans. Hand harvesting guarantees the integrity of the fiber and better respect for the environment.


An age-old culture of yarn and weaving


We believe in positive environmental impact

All-round respect

Our family

Respect and support are the basis of our work. Every single person in our company becomes a fundamental part of our family.

Our earth

Research and development are the soul of Carrera Jeans. We have chosen plants that can guarantee the least environmental impact since we believe in eco friendly fashion.

The new fibers

We firmly believe true beauty lies in the respect of nature. Hence our recent project of manufacturing Carrera jeans only with eco-friendly yarns.

Aloe Vera jeans

A treatment designed for feeling good. Wearing our Aloe Vera Jeans is good for the skin since the aloe in the textile fiber has soothing, moisturizing, nourishing and refreshing properties. It also improves the cotton insulating qualities, making our jeans warmer in the winter and fresher in the summer.

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